Please take in consideration that all these packages include the following options:
Clients will have their own profile.
We provide free numbers for all clients so they can
broadcast news.
No setup fee and free registration.
No expiry date for all packages.
Free alphanumeric Sender ID.
Our Service Features
Send Text SMS: this option allow user to send a single sms for one number only.
Send MASS text SMS to here you can multiple numbers from your phonebook. It is easy simply drag the numbers from the left textbox to the right one. Notice a cool feature: that contactís Name will appear beside the mobile number as a tool tip.
Send broadcast SMS: this option allow users to bulk sms for each group seperatly from their phonebook. You can choose the group from the combobox and see the total number of mobile numbers in each group.
Send from text file:It is a great tool where you can right numbers in a text file and load them for